Easter Hunt

There are 9 eggs hidden around Biggin Hill, all eggs contain a code to claim a Easter Egg and a vouchers for a discount of a takeaway from The Old Jail.   

How To Play

Using the map below you'll see some locations plotted with an egg and others that are circle covering a radius of a certain area.

Egg Plots - The locations plotted with an egg are the exact location of the egg to within about 20 metres. Click the egg to get a hint to where in that area it might be hidden.
Circle Radius - Click the area to get a clue, these will be some kind of landmark that's located within the area covered by they circle. 


All eggs are located within public areas and should be visible without the need of trampling or digging any flower beds or climbing any trees or structures.  You may need to move a branch or look under something but they won't be hidden deep in any bushes or trees.

Once you've found an egg can claim your prize by enter the provide code here.

We'd like as many people to enjoy this as possible, so one claim per person.  You can still find them all, but if you've already claimed an egg then leave any other eggs in their place unclaimed for someone else.

Keep an eye on social media as any eggs that aren't found we'll release additional clues.

Found an Egg?

Claim you prize here

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